Summary in English of the forthcoming edited volume Digital Human Sciences: New Objects – New Approaches (2021)

The ongoing digitization of culture and society as well as the ongoing production of new digital objects in culture and society require new ways of investigation, new theoretical avenues, and new multidisciplinary frameworks. In order to meet these requirements, this collection of eleven studies dig into questions concerning, for example: the epistemology of data produced and shared on social media platforms; the need of new legal concepts that regulate the increasing use of artificial intelligence in society; and the need of combinatory methods for researching new media objects such as podcasts, web art, and online journals in relation to their historical, social, institutional, and political effects and contexts. The studies in this book are gathered around the perspective of what we call digital human sciences – a new field of research that includes the humanities, the social sciences, and law – and emanate from scholars situated within a broad range of disciplines. From their different disciplinary outlooks, the studies share the aim of discussing and developing methods and approaches for investigating digital society, digital culture, and digital media objects.